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How to choose your sound bar: Samsung, for total immersion in 2022!

This second article on 2022 sound bars will be dedicated to Samsung, which sells more sound bars than all other manufacturers combined!

The reason for this is simple: the product remains impeccable in both its form and its performance adapted to our market. Samsung audio products are developed in California to better understand North American needs. The result is a sound signature that is sure to satisfy and is perfectly adapted to Hollywood productions. Regardless of the price you pay, you always get more for your money, such as a wall mounting kit included free of charge in the box of most models or the possibility of gradually upgrading the system by adding optional surround sound accessories or a subwoofer.

Most notable is the development of the Q-Symphony system to turn your Samsung TV into a 22-channel cinema screen for true Dolby Atmos sound. Even better, generation 2 of this system will now be wireless via Wi-Fi!

Here's what happens next:

What is the Samsung Q-Symphony?

The Q-Symphony is a synergistic system that uses artificial intelligence to jointly use the TV and sound bar speakers. Only Samsung uses this patented system that allows the use of the TV's speakers that are otherwise unused by the competition. The result is an unparalleled immersive sound experience where every detail of the soundtrack is felt. The producers work hard to surprise us and the Q-Symphonie does them justice!

Samsung Q-symphony | BAX Audio Video

World first, Dolby Atmos via Wi-Fi

Until now, the thrill-seeker had no choice but wired connectivity via HDMI cable to capture data from Dolby's Atmos system. Now, you can totally ignore the wired link, whether you're watching movies, mirroring your mobile device's screen or listening to high-fidelity streaming music. Samsung Wi-Fi even supports Alexa for voice control of all your connected products...

Modern adapted products

Depending on your TV, Samsung offers a different solution. The "S" series is suitable for smaller screens and is offered at a better price. For TVs 60 inches or larger, an "ultra-slim S-800" series delivers powerful sound in a dramatically smaller and more elegant package.

Finally, for those who want true multichannel cinema, the "Q" range, initially launched only for the Q-Symphony, will offer systems with up to 22 channels!

Best buys 2022 by series:Soundbar Samsung | BAX Audio Video
The affordable and compact "S" series


Soundbar Samsung HW-S60B | BAX Audio Video

This small bar now offers virtual Dolby Atmos with wireless connectivity. Despite its small size, it offers 7 speakers, including two on the sides and one in the middle to enhance dialogue.

On the automation side, this No. 1 seller in the range, offers the "AVA" for Active Voice Amplifier that enhances the volume of the lyrics as well as the second generation Space fit that analyzes your room to equalize the output making the sound more natural and lively.

Surprisingly, for a product under $500, it has Alexa built in as well as Apple's AirPlay2.

Optional wireless rear speakers and a subwoofer are available for Dolby real sound performance (SWA9200-SWA-W510)

The " S ultra thin " series


SoundbarSamsung | BAX Audio Video
Although it is very slim (3.9 cm high), it incorporates 11 drivers and 11 amplifiers for a rich and powerful phonemes. These include side-mounted and upward-facing elements to reproduce the Atmos 3-D pattern.

Lifestyle product that offers a color matched subwoofer to the main unit. It doesn't swear!

The S801B soundbar supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual: X, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate 3D sound. The 2022 feature set is also present, including Space Fit room analysis, AVA voice enhancement, Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi, Alexa, AirPlay2 and more.

Very nice product!

The "Q" series for the serious movie lover

This line, which is Samsung's largest, offers a gradation of performance from high sound to ultimate power and versatility including audiophile quality streaming music.

HW-Q600B, entry model

Soundbar Samsung HW-Q600B | BAX Audio Video

The 600 offers virtual Atmos with its 9 speakers. A 6.5 inch subwoofer is included in the box and the automation of a game mode is included for those who connect a modern game console to their Samsung TV. The Q-Symphony allows the TV speakers and the soundbar to work simultaneously to create the ultimate sound synergy. For 3D, two upward-facing speakers are integrated into the set.

To properly direct the 3D sound, the 600 features the acoustic upward beam, which consists of a multitude of orientation openings above the speakers directed towards the ceiling.

Like all the "Q2" range, the 600 incorporates Bluetooth allowing you to broadcast content from your tablet or cell phone!

An optional pair of wireless speakers allows for more accurate and powerful real-world surround sound.

Unfortunately, the 600 does not include WI-FI for Dolby Atmos...

 HW-Q700B, WI-FI enhanced model

Soundbar Samsung HW-Q700B | BAX Audio Video

Given the small price difference between the 600 and the 700, the latter is a better buy.

To the 600, you add the following:
WI-FI connectivity for wireless Dolby Atmos and better sound in general given the superior data transfer. Tweeters are of better quality for a smoother sound to the ear. AirPlay2 is included for Apple product lovers and the second generation SpaceFit software suite works to analyze your room and counterbalance for the furnishings offering a more crystal clear and audible sound.

HW-Q800B, the number 1 full-featured product at a great price

Soundbar Samsung HW-Q800B | BAX Audio Video

The 800 offers an enhanced cinema package as well as high-fidelity listening capabilities.

Now equipped with 11 speakers and amps, you get a wireless subwoofer with 8-inch wireless subwoofer that gives you a great feel. The additional side speakers bring more realism to the 3D while the AVA circuitry takes care of highlighting the dialogues otherwise lost in the action. The integrated Space Fit device combines with artificial intelligence to adapt the sound according to what you are watching, such as sports, an action movie or simply the news of the day...

Soundbar Samsung | BAX Audio VideoFor music listening, simply apply your cell phone to the 800's case to initiate the transfer of music content including flac files for Hi-Fi sound. For music streaming, the 800 integrates Spotify Connect, which allows you to stream directly in high-fidelity.

Really complete!

HW-Q910B, forreal sound and not virtual

Soundbar Samsung HW-Q910B | BAX Audio Video

The 910 is the first of two models to offer full Atmos surround sound via real rear speakers. We won't lie here and say that "real" sound is still the best. The virtual effects of other bars of all brands will always have their limits, a limit that the 910 does not know!

With its 15 speakers, the 910 offers in addition to what is mentioned above, elements with side diffusions (4) for an even more successful immersion. The real sound, the sound of the real thing!

HW-Q990B, the ultimate Samsung sound bar

Soundbar HW-Q990B Samsung | BAX Audio Video

The real Atmos is what the 990 offers you with its 11.1.4 configuration with 22 speakers. Thus, the channels in height (ceiling) are reproduced via 2 front speakers and two rear oriented. The subwoofer has a particular design called "Acoustic Waves Guide" which adjusts itself according to the room.

Whether you're listening to movies or music, the "Space Fit +" system analyzes the room and adjusts the parametric equalizer automatically for a clean, distortion-free sound.

The music playback capacity is not left out, with the possibility of playing files of type AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, and MP3.

Soundbar HW-Q990B Samsung | Sonxplus
Winner of the prestigious Best Sound Bar 2022 award.

For video game enthusiasts, the pro game mode uses 3D channels to achieve breathtaking performance!

As an added value, note that like most Samsung 2022 bars, the wall mounting kit is included in the box, so feel free to ask for our installation service if desired.

So it's guaranteed that with 22 computer-controlled amplifiers analyzing every interaction with the room and the dialogue, you'll get the most amazing sound ever made in such a compact system!

The last word.

Hopefully this guide will help you to see more clearly in Samsung's 2022 offering. The fact remains that the brand's philosophy is based on a synergistic research between its audio products and its televisions. For the cinema experience, it doesn't get any better than this, except of course for a full-size home theater set. For this purpose, we can advise you and have listening rooms equipped for this purpose.

Stay tuned!

- Christian.

SoundbarSamsung | BAX Audio Video
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