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New SAMSUNG features-Bax Audio Video

New SAMSUNG features

Samsung is very good at satisfying its loyal customers and is always on the lookout for new technologies available to meet demand. This year is no different, the company presents us with some more attractive characteristics than the others. Let's take the time to look at it all together.

More new Samsung features

  • New! Professional calibration on Series 9 models

Every TV set is produced with settings that optimize the image in line with the engineers’ concept of the features and performance of each mode. However, TVs are not exact clones of each other and every device might be slightly different once out of the box. That’s why a few of us choose to invest $300 to $500 for ISF-certified calibration to ensure the settings are adjusted to produce perfect images.

Each Neo QLED 90 and 900 model undergoes this kind of calibration at the factory. No more post-sales service required! And let’s face it, who better to adjust your TV’s settings than the manufacturer?

  • NEW! Ultra slim One Connect external media receiver

8K models will now come with the One Connect box to plug in all your compatible devices, including the power cord. Unlike previous versions, the box will be so thin it can be concealed behind your wall-mounted TV or TV stand. Or you can simply hide it away in a cabinet.

  • NEW! Universal no gap wall-mount:

The Frame models were designed to be hanged on the wall itself. This highly practical feature is now available on nearly every 2021 model! *Except T7000 and Q80.


  • NEW*!  30 FREE specialty channels

It’s now easier than ever to become a cord cutter. Radio-Canada, CBC, as well as Télé-Québec are included as well as many other specialty channels. And they’re free!

*A more basic version first appeared in 2019.

  • NEW! Virtual fitness coaching:

Add a camera to one of the new 2021 models and its secure software will analyze your movements in response to a personalized program that appears on screen. The program will give you real-time advice to help you better perform and get back in shape!

  • NEW! Office 365 integration – You can now mirror your computer or mobile device on your TV, allowing you to work on your office documents from your TV set. By using a wireless mouse and keyboard, you’ll be able to update your cloud data just like if you were sitting at your office desk.




Gamers stay with us, we’re keeping the best part for last!

The audio quality with 2021 models is simply outstanding thanks to a specialized R&D studio in California and the collaboration of engineers from Harman Kardon.

As TV sets get bigger, audio systems have to keep up. It just wouldn’t make sense to provide a crystal-clear image and not produce a stellar audio experience. But loud doesn’t mean better, there needs to be nuance. That’s where Object Tracking Sound comes in. It’s a multi-channel strategy with audio sources in several places behind the screen. The surround sound is made possible thanks to the 2021 AI chip mentioned above.

  • OTS for Q80 and QN85: A 6-speaker 2.2.2 system with one speaker in each corner and two tweeters (treble) for a subtle and directed sound. 60 watts of sound power.
  • OTS+ Available with the QN90 and QN800 series: 8-speaker 4.2.2 system: one speaker in each corner, two on each side near the middle, and two tweeters for even more subtlety. 60 watts of audio power.


  • OTS PRO: The best feature on the 8K 900 series. A 10-speaker 6.2.2 channel strategy, 80-watt output in total. The 10 speakers are set behind the image for astounding results. My experience listening to the prototype was simply breath-taking. The sounds were coming from everywhere!
  • To heighten your auditory experience even more and to help you better understand dialogs, the TVs were built with an ambient sound pickup device. The AI microprocessor will analyze the specific responses of the room you’re in and compensate for your floors, curtains, and other features to produce the best sound possible!

But if all the above isn’t enough and you’re looking for a true cinema sound, almost all of Samsung’s 2021 TVs will feature the “Q-SYMPHONY” software. This cutting-edge component will allow you to combine your TV’s speakers with a 2021 Samsung Q series soundbar for a truly outstanding auditory experience, no matter where you are in the room.


Samsung has now earned the “AMD Free Sync Premium Pro” global certification. When it comes to your gaming experience, nothing comes close to Samsung!

  • Sync enables your gaming console to take control of your screen and adapt its performance to your game’s changing graphic needs to prevent screen tearing.
  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) is automatically activated when you turn your game console on.
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ provides a 120 Hz 4K speed with a variable refresh rate (VRR) and HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

  • NEW! Full dashboard to allow you to adjust your TV’s settings. With its Exclusive Gaming Settings, Samsung has thought of it all!
  • Settings button on the TV remote to adjust your game settings on screen!

Everything you need for your smart home!

Samsung’s 2021 lineup includes 3 different voice assistants to help you control your smart devices. Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home are all built into the new models. In addition, you have access to a “Dashboard” menu to remotely view and select what’s available in your home in an intuitive way. A picture-in-picture split screen also allows you to mirror your smart phone while you can use the other part of the screen for gaming and/or watching whatever you want such as the big sports game. With all these features, you’ll never miss any of the action again!

A slim 2021

New technologies such as the Mini LEDs at 1/40th the size of previous LEDs mean the 2021 lineup is thinner than ever. In fact, the QN900 is only 15 mm thick! In general, all the new sets have been slimmed down except for the entry-level 7000 series which remain unchanged this yes. You can find the 7000 series in any boutique that sells entry-level products…


Samsung realized that with every production year, 200 tons of disposable batteries ended up being wasted. That means 99 million batteries in the bin every year. To help remedy this situation, your new remote will now use a rechargeable battery powered with solar energy! A simple, yet genius idea.


In closing

This year will go down in history as a very busy one for the Korean manufacturer. In fact, this article only covered a small fraction of what’s new on the market this year. In my next articles, I’ll be sharing more information about “PREMIER” laser projectors that can be installed only 4.4 inches from the wall to get a 100-inch screen, or 9.4 inches from the wall for a phenomenally huge 130-inch screen! The Frame series continues to provide new features this year again and has also slimmed down. The “Terrace” models are weather resistant which means they can be installed and stay in your yard! The rotating Sero and decorative Sero. Samsung is definitely at the top of their game and intends to stay there.

Let’s recap! A more detailed and contrasted image thanks to powerful smart software + high-quality sound that comes from everywhere on screen + an exclusive Samsung gaming mode with a global certification + more integration into your everyday life with the possibility of turning your TV screen into a computer screen + on-screen computer-assisted coaching + free TV channels. And the list goes on and on.

Phew! That was quite the ride!


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