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Samsung Buying Guide: Big changes coming!-Bax Audio Video

Samsung Buying Guide: Big changes coming!

It's that time of year when people spend more and more time at home and this year, people looking to upgrade their TVs are in for a treat. With record sales figures last year, and with the majority of the world's population opting for a new lifestyle of home entertainment, Samsung has been ahead of the game with many new products being launched, and the R&D budget is well-stocked.

It's an exciting year on the TV side, the changes are huge so let me introduce you to the SAMSUNG 2021 lineup. Samsung being the #1 global seller for 16 years already, you will understand why here!

Common features:

  • The first thing that jumps out in 2021 is the lack of a wide rim around the edge of the TV. While Samsung, a few years ago, was trying to win the bet of the thinnest TV in depth, the Korean has since chosen to perfect what we really see, the front of the TV. We get the illusion of a floating image in the room, which brings a very aesthetic result ...
  • The most economical models 2021 will have 3 edges on 4 "Ultra thin" while the top of the range will benefit from a complete circumference without ANY* edge!
  • Another feature: the ultra user-friendly 6th generation Tizen platform. It's been 6 years since Samsung adopted a standardized platform for its product line and the result is amazing, because no matter what model of TV you have, you'll always have the same menu, which makes it easier to use since you don't have to learn new menus every time you use a different device. Changing menus are still the bane of other manufacturers. As a bonus, if you have a Samsung tablet or smartphone, transferring images and video from one to the other will be a breeze...
  • The overpowering processors used throughout the 2021 range guarantee a speed of execution without parallel to its competition. No waiting, the menus open without delay! Speaking of menus, the content offered is amazing. In addition to the traditional Netflix, Crave or Apple TV, not to mention YouTube and Amazon Prime, Samsung offers free broadcasting with its SAMSUNG TV PLUS application where you can find Radio-Canada as well as other major networks, specialty channels and interesting movie content. No charge and for life!
  • New 2021 processor: There will be two new processors, one for the entry level, the "Dynamic Crystal 4K" and the other for the new flagship, the "neoQuantum 4K" as well as "neoQuantum 8K" with 16 neural networks (discussed below) for artificial intelligence color management.
  • The entire lineup including The Frame will now be much slimmer and features an innovative, affordable wall mounting system that is fully supported against the wall!

2021 RANGE:

AU8000 Crystal LED Series

Available sizes: 43" 50" 55" 65" 75'' 85''

The AU8000 series offers the same features as last year's 7000, with a few improvements:

  • Single remote control. You'll use just one remote to control everything. Control your compatible devices with the single remote. Plus, this is the fourth year of the 7000's release, and it's Bluetooth-enabled so you don't have to aim it at the TV.
  • Voice control. At the touch of a button, you give your commands to the TV and it executes. Perfect for Google or YouTube searches!
  • Google Home, Alexa and Bixby built-in. A smart TV has never been so smart!
  • Basic Q symphony mode (lite) This feature used to be reserved for more expensive models, but this year you can buy a Samsung sound bar and use it in sync with the TV's speakers (2). This unique Samsung feature gives you superior surround sound and richer everyday sound when you watch TV.

QLED 60 Series

Available sizes: 32'' 43'' 50" 55" 60'' 65" 75'' 85''

In 2021, Samsung has decided to offer its quantum box displays at better prices. This model will offer colors at 100% of the colorimetric rendering which will allow you to have the absolute reality on the side tint of the reproduced image.

Again this year, the illumination of the matrix is done by a dual LED system, one with absolute white color and the other with a warmer tint. This approach allows for brighter colors for full tones, and more natural colors for pastels.

New for 2021, all QLED and NEOQLED models offer a solar panel rechargeable remote control. No more remote control failure when you least expect it, and it's good for the environment!

On the minus side, this model uses the less powerful 4K Lite processor and runs at a speed of 120 Motion rate which is the minimum. If you are a sports or video game enthusiast, this model is less suitable.

QLED 72 Series

Available sizes: 55" 65" 75'' 85''

To the Q-60 series, we add the following:

  • Motion rate 240. Fans of games, fast action series and sports will be happy to know that from this series and higher, fast motion will be presented without loss of image definition!
  • Processor with full AI features. The TV learns from your viewing and adapts its reproduction according to what you are watching in general. So you get a TV that is 100% adapted to your preferences with the best picture without having to adjust it... There's no stopping progress!
  • Full game mode. With the Game Enhancement Tools+ VRR (FreeSync/G-SYNC) feature set, you'll have the ultimate experience of seeing everything accurately with stunning colors!
  • 4 HDMI inputs. The maximum number of inputs allowing you to connect everything without any problem. One of the inputs is an HDMI 2.1 version allowing the higher speed required by the new game consoles. 2 USBs complete this modern TV.
  • Screen mirror (formerly PIP). The TV screen allows you to watch two different sources at the same time with AirPlay 2, SmartView and Multi-View. You can adjust the volume of the screen you prefer and, unlike systems of the past, the second picture is very clear!
  • Adaptive Sound +. Sound is equalized to improve frequency response for better sound quality.
  • Ultimate UHD Dimming (2304 zones). Performance is enhanced with no less than 2304 Zones of screen backlighting. The precision is at the rendezvous while we obtain a great contrast which helps to better perceive the contour of the objects or the characters...
  • Adaptive voice sound. Depending on the noise in the room, the TV automatically enhances the sound of dialogue. This is a popular feature for people with hearing loss.

QLED 80 Series

Available sizes: 50" 55" 65" 75'' 85''

This model offers the best of Samsung and probably the entire market.

To the Q-72 series, we add:

  • A direct matrix. The direct backlighting allows a better control of the image areas. The result is less light spillover between the light and dark areas.
  • A dynamic range HDR 12 X. The higher the contrast factor, the more vivid the image. For comparison, the 60 - 70 and 72 models are rated 1X
  • True sound system. With its 60 watts and 6 speakers, this TV allows the following:
  • OTS For Object Tracking System. By placing the speakers all around the back of the unit, an intelligent circuit analyzes the objects in the picture and simulates their sound movements!
  • Complete Symphony-Q suite. The 80 series allows the full use of the Samsung soundbar surround system. The 6 speakers work in synergy to obtain even more nuances in the movements of the soundtrack. The sound is super rich too!
  • Full frequency response. By the presence of treble elements, you hear a phoneme worthy of an audio system, not a "dull" sound like more ordinary TVs...
  • 4 sides without frame. More aesthetically pleasing, the Series 80 and higher models have no bezel around the screen.


This is the new technology I was talking about at the beginning!

Samsung has achieved a tour de force by splitting the backlighting of the slab to get the deepest, most cut-out blacks, while controlling as much as possible the areas (now in the thousands) of lighting directly behind each dot.

In fact, the rear mini LEDs in direct position are 40 times smaller!

Two ranges are offered by series of 4K or 8K one with and the other without expert calibration at the factory. We'll talk about this below!

QN85 and QN90 4K series

Common points:

  • Neo QLED 4K matrix with 1/40 mini LED.
  • Anti-glare screen. Superior to competitors including LED, Crystal and Oled technologies. In bright light or in front of a window, nothing stands in its way...
  • Ultra-black screen. Images have an amazing contrast with extreme blacks as opposed to whites and very vivid colors. The output in terms of light (nits) is 2000 and even 4000 on the 8 K!
  • Quantum HDR 24X or 32 X image processor. With a hardware acceleration execution speed of factor 24 for the QN85 and 32 for the QN90, reproduction errors are intercepted and eliminated. These kinds of details rarely explained in brochures make one TV more beautiful to watch than another. Samsung's best TVs offer this kind of performance...
  • New neural network artificial intelligence processor. Now color correction is done by an artificial intelligence circuit that in the past used an internal comparison color chart. By 2021, Samsung's QLED NEO TVs will incorporate the ability to analyze without a chart. We can now speak of true artificial intelligence, because the brain of the device does not search in a database, but rather makes its own conclusions based on the knowledge gained from its analysis ...

  • Complete LED array. In simple terms, the image takes its light source directly behind the dots or pixels forming the image. The result is a higher contrast image and faster performance. Another advantage that makes the image sharper, no matter if the scene is bright or dark.
  • Sound system with 6 speakers and 60 Watts R.M.S. It is possible to be satisfied with the sound system of this TV so powerful, never seen before for a TV set...
  • Sound generated by the tracking of objects. The intelligent processor system follows the image versus the sound and reproduces a "surround" effect according to the movements of the objects in the image. For example, a car driving from left to right will have the sound from left to right accentuated!

  • Q Symphony. For the first time in TV history, SAMSUNG offers a revolutionary acoustic system. So, if you purchase a Samsung compatible 2021 sound bar, both the bar and the TV will use all their speakers together to create even more sound zones. Yes, simply put, the two will "work" together!

QN 85 series.



Available sizes: 55" 65" 75'' 85''

QN 90 Series

Available sizes: 43'' 50'' 55" 65" 75'' 85''

If you are one of those who buy durable goods with the goal of keeping them for a very long time, this TV is for you. More expensive than the average, it offers no less than the same technologies of the brand's TVs in 8K version. (except 8K of course)

To the QN85 series, we add:

  • Expert factory calibration. Expert factory calibration is one more step in the manufacturing process. Once assembled, the TV goes through an "on-the-fly" color calibration stage. With a spectrometer measuring the qualities of the reproductions, we modulate your set for the purest and most accurate performance possible. This type of adjustment is currently available on the aftermarket and will cost you between $300 and $500 to have the work done by a technician. Since it is done in the factory, the accuracy is beyond what many less equipped technicians can achieve.
  • 32X HDR 4K Ultimate Processor. The most powerful 2021 4K image processor for ultimate visual correction.
  • Ultra and Black Elite viewing angles. In addition to high contrast with deep blacks, this display can be viewed from the side with no loss of image quality. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Full LED matrix. The most powerful and high contrast panel of the series. With the most powerful processor control, the panel, or physical screen, will reproduce the slightest nuances in image.
  • Ultimate UHD Dimming. With over 2304 lighting zones, all possibilities are covered! All the potential nuances are there.
  • 8-speaker audio system. Simply put, the basic TVs have only 2 speakers, the calculation is simple, it's another world!

QN800 and QN900 8K series

3 reasons to buy this kind of product:

  1. The 8K TV incorporates technologies that allow for a higher performance than what is required to reproduce 4K. As a result, you get an even better picture than the majority of 4K TVs, because it raises the performance to its highest level.
  2. The longevity of the technology gives you the certainty that in 5 or 10 years, you won't be tempted to buy a new TV to benefit from the performance of the time. Being ahead of the curve, your purchase will last longer.
  3. Proven technology. Samsung has been selling 8K TVs for almost 3 years. All the glitches have been worked out so no worries.

Common features of the QN800 and QN900:

  • New artificial intelligence processor with 16 neural networks. From now on, the correction of the colors is carried out by a circuit with artificial intelligence which, in the past, exploited an internal chart of colors of comparison. For 2021 Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TVs, incorporate the ability to analyze without chart to 16 independent neural circuits. Only the 4K neo QLEDs also use this principle, but the 8K TV is 16 times more powerful!
  • NEW! Ultra slim One Connect external connector box. The 8K models will again have the One Connect box to connect everything, including remote power. Unlike the previous versions, the slimness of this one will allow to integrate it behind your device on the wall, or to hide it on the back of the stand if you put it on a piece of furniture. As always, it will be possible to hide it in a cabinet far from the view...

  • Combination of ultra-black, anti-glare and wide-angle viewing screen. 8K TVs use the best panel Samsung makes. Period!
  • 7680 x 4320 (33 million pixels)
  • 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and 3 USB inputs. The USB ports on most TVs are 2.0 generation which do not allow the full performance of the new gaming consoles as well as 8K rendering. The amount of data required by the new generation of gaming, not to mention future 8K decoders, is simply too high for the old 2.0...
  • Gaming Features: 8K 60 Hz, 4K 120 Hz, VRR, FreeSync Premium Pro, Automatic Game Mode (ALLM) + eARC, Ultra Wide Gaming Visual Experience (PC), Gaming Toolbar, Dynamic Black Equalizer

  • 8K ambience mode. You can use the TV as a decorative display with relaxing or lively sound when you are not watching a program. The picture is so defined it looks like 3D!
  • The best sound system on a TV. The sound is complete and the sound moves like never before with 8 speakers and 70 watts on the QN800, and 10 speakers totaling 80 watts. The speakers are located at the back of the screen and enable OTS+ mode with Q-Symphony soundbars, including the HW-Q800, HW-Q900, HW-Q950, all of which offer DOLBY ATMOS cinema sound.

QN 800 Series. More affordable 8K by 2021

Available sizes: 65" 75" 85"

QN900 Series. The best performing 8K for 2021

Available in: 65" 75" 85" format

  • Infinity screen (15 mm only) the infinity screen is known to owners of smartphones of the brand. It is distinguished by the fact that the image is flush, you can't see anything but the screen.
  • NEW! Expert Calibration on 900 Series Each manufactured TV has an optimized picture performance setting based on the design of the engineers who established the features and performance for a particular model. However, the televisions that come off the assembly line are not exact clones of each other. As a result, there are performance differences when they leave the box at the customer's. Some of us then choose to invest between $300 and $500 for an ISF calibration at home to perfect our images. The NEOQLED 900s get this custom factory calibration, one unit at a time. No need for after sales service, and besides, no one knows your TV better than the manufacturer!
  • Neo Quantum HDR 8K 64X Processor. The most powerful image processor in 2021, for the ultimate in visual correction.
  • The ultimate No Gap. It's only 15mm thick. Mount it on the wall and you will have a screen less than 1 inch thick leaning against your wall without any border thanks to the infinity screen! A beautiful piece of technology !

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