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What to give a techie | BAX Audio Video

What's the perfect gift for a technology lover ?

Another year evaporates, and what a year it's been ...

The holidays are traditionally a well-deserved break in our increasingly busy lives, but before we can relax during the famous period following Christmas Day, we have to prepare carefully: food, drink and... gifts for others or ourselves. To help you in your choice of tech gifts, we've put together a selection of products offering good value for money. We say "satisfaction", because no matter how much you pay, if you or your bill payee aren't happy with their new toy, it'll always be too expensive!


There are headphones for different uses, so here's our pick for you.


SENNHEISER RS175 | BAX Audio Video

This model is the first choice for TV viewing. It's superior, so you can connect it to your TV either via conventional audio wire or fiber optics for even purer sound without interference. Unlike cheaper units, you can adjust the bass and surround sound. It's more comfortable to use, and recharges automatically when placed on the transmission cradle.


JBL Quantum 400 | BAX Audio Video

Very affordable, this one is designed for gaming use. It's highly immersive, thanks to JBL's Quantum surround system and powerful 50 mm speakers. You'll enjoy perfect wireless freedom, while the memory foam in the earcups will ensure long hours of gaming pleasure!


SONY WH-1000XM5 | BAX Audio Video

Sony's WH-1000 headphones offer high-fidelity stereo listening on the move. The sound is pure and ambient noise doesn't reach you, thanks to two processors that monitor your environment via 8 microphones. Sony's unrivalled sound quality and noise reduction, combined with touch-sensitive controls, won the prestigious "Digital Trend editor's choice 2022" award. 


JBL TOUR PRO2 | BAX Audio Video

It doesn't get much more innovative and modern than this new 2023 model. Powerful, rich-sounding headphones in such a small package are great, but wait! The charging case incorporates a 12-page display for setting absolutely everything you could imagine and more! Whether it's noise cancellation level, dialogue clarity, frequency response or reading the status of the box's batteries as well as those of the headphones so the choice is endless!!!! A must-have for the high-tech enthusiast.



Here's a well-kept secret... These headphones let you listen to your music via Bluetooth, but they're also a device for adapting to ambient noise in noisy places. 

Sennheiser Conversation Clear Plus | BAX Audio Video

If you find it hard to hear your interlocutor when lots of people are talking around you, Conversation Clear Plus will make your life easier. Modern, you can adjust the ambient level of understanding whether you're listening to your music or in a crowd, like in a restaurant.

JBL PARTBOX 1000 (the one and only)

JBL PartyBox 1000 | BAX Audio Video

JBL offers a host of party speakers, but this one is in a class of its own. Let's start with 1100 watts RMS amplification, which drives two 8" front-firing speakers and a 12" floor-firing one. An adjustable front lighting system synchronizes with the music. A 16-key keyboard with variable sensitivity lets you add sound effects at will. A wireless wristband synchronized with the lighting effects lets the DJ in you express himself dynamically. (Sound effects are controlled by your movements) For karaoke, you can cancel the vocals and replace them with you and your guests. Got a guitarist in the house? Plug in his guitar and it's the ultimate party!

Psst: Speaking of Ultimate, Sonxplus has a few ULTIMATE Partyboxes in stock. This one has 1200 watts and WIFI... RARE!



THE FRAME | BAX Audio Video

Samsung's The Frame TVs have been available since 2017 and are enjoying undeniable popularity, and for good reason.

Firstly, the accessories included are brilliant. You get a totally flat mount on your wall, as well as feet for furniture installation. The remote control is self-recharging by ambient light. It comes with the "One Connect" box that lets you plug in all your peripherals as well as the power supply... Because you see, The Frame doesn't plug into the wall, it's the box that powers it via a very thin wire.

The Frame | BAX Audio video

What more can I say than to mention the TOTALLY matte anti-reflective screen. If you take a flashlight and point it at the screen, you'll see only the brightness - nothing shimmers! Finally, this TV is called a "frame" because when you switch it off, a canvas image of your choice appears and the illusion is perfect - it's a frame!



Here's the latest TV technology on the market. Once again, we owe the invention to Samsung. So good, in fact, that Sony uses it in its best TV sets.

To fully understand the technologies themselves, we refer you to a blog written specifically for current OLED technology. In short, OLED offers the best contrast on the market, at the expense of brightness. Quantum Dot OLED technology solves the problem of other TVs offered on the market by competitors. With Samsung's QD OLED, images are clear, excessively well-cut and you can watch them in full clarity without losing a thing. Models in the S90 series are incredibly slim, from a quarter of an inch at the edges to 1.06 inches at the back of the TV. The S95 series, meanwhile, features the new second-generation QD-OLED matrix and a "One Connect" box for connecting all your peripherals outside the TV itself.

SONOS nothing less!

For the family or for yourself, enhance your moments with these wireless and Internet technological marvels.


BEAM | BAX Audio Video

The latest version of the Beam soundbar by Sonos offers balanced sound with sufficient bass to compensate for the amorphous sound of TV sets with their "mini" speakers.

High technology | BAX Audio Video


The sound is crisp and clean, and the possibility of reproducing Dolby Atmos frames makes the offer even more profitable. A 4-speaker midrange system plus 3 passive radiators for enhanced bass response and a treble, all controlled by a high-performance processor. Very fine musicality.


MOVE | BAX Audio Video

The "Move" master key operates both on domestic current and via its rechargeable battery. It's powerful enough to replace a "ONE" or the new "ERA100", but what's more, you can take it outdoors, as it's resistant to humidity and dust. And with Bluetooth technology, you'll never be without music, wherever you are!


Roam pair | BAX Audio Video

The tiny Roam is just the thing for taking your music everywhere with you. It weighs next to nothing and has plenty of power.

It's battery-powered, but by adding the charging base and induction power, it can run permanently indoors. LITTLE KNOWN, the update at the beginning of the year made it possible to use a stereo pair.

Roam | BAX Audio Video

The sound is rich, with surprising bass for the size. Being so small, you can place them anywhere in a room for a left/right separation that will surprise you. Come and have a listen, and you'll be amazed and seduced by what this little thing can do. A joy for the ears!



This set will take the guesswork out of your home theater needs! Sonxplus has selected each component to create a well-balanced package. Setup is made easy thanks to the Denon receiver's user-friendly menu. Just plug in the wires, follow the instructions on your TV screen, and you're ready to go!


Here's a non-exhaustive list of audio products on special offer during the holidays. Take advantage!


Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F | BAX Audio Video

These towers offer the superior high-fidelity performance for which the Canadian brand is renowned. Available in gloss white or matte black.



There are surround speakers and there are Paradigm Monitor surround 1s with dual directional outputs. Magnesium diaphragms and "X-PAL" tweeters with patented "PPA" phase alignment ensure silky treble tones.


PARADIGM V12 | BAX Audio Video

Paradigm offers two things for your consideration: an app that lets you remotely adjust your subwoofer in ways far beyond its competition.

Come and see us for a demonstration, and you'll be convinced about the Défiance series, affordable yet high-performance subs!

The last word.

Sonxplus retailers have shared their favorites of 2023 with you. We look forward to welcoming you to the Sonxplus experience.

Stay tuned!

BAX Audio Video offers you a choice of all the top brands.

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