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Security Systems


Smart security systems give you peace of mind, whether it's for your home, business, or farm. Bax Audio Video offers complete residential, commercial and agricultural security and surveillance solutions.

In just a few seconds, via your smartphone, you can:

  • Arm your alarm system
  • Lock or unlock your doors
  • Check live streaming of your surveillance cameras
  • Receive an alert when your system perceives a problem (water leak, smoke, opening of an exit, movement on the ground etc.)
  • Assign a temporary security code for deliveries or employees of the house
  • Turn on your audio/video equipment or lighting at random times to give the illusion that you’re home
Surveillance Camera Installation | Bax Audio Video


The safety of the people you love is priceless and that’s why we offer comprehensive security and surveillance solutions tailored to your needs. You will enjoy the beautiful moments with peace of mind.

  • Custom security
  • Access control
  • Anti-intrusion system
  • Paradox door access and alarm systems
  • Surveillance cameras (analog or IP)
  • Touch locks
  • Access card
  • Detectors (fire, smoke, dangerous gas, flood, low temperature)
  • Audio and video intercoms

Discover how Bax Audio Video can make your home or business a smarter and safer place!

Agricultural AV Solutions

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