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Outdoor TV's, Really?

Outdoor TV on our terraces

Outdoor TV's have become increasingly popular in recent years. We are building outside to make the most of the warm weather and we are complementing our terrace with a TV model that can withstand the harsh climate.

Samsung has been marketing The Terrace, an outdoor TV, for a few years now in two series:

- LST7TAFXZA Series: Weather and moisture resistant

- LST9TAFXZC Series: In addition to being weatherproof and moisture resistant, this series has protection from direct sunlight. 

Other players are also added for different models: Sunbrite TV and Neptune are not to be overlooked.

IP55" Standard required for outdoor use

Before considering the picture and sound performance, it is important to make sure that this TV can be left outdoors. To get a fair idea of its resistance, the Terrace is certified IP55 which means Protection Index 5 + 5.

The first "5" means that the case will resist dust and microscopic residues, and over time, the internal components will not be damaged.

The second '5'. is about resistance to water ingress. Standard number 5 specifies that not only does rain not affect the product, even a jet of water from a distance of 2 to 3 metres will not penetrate!

IP55 Standard Resistant to indirect water jet.

You can be sure that nothing will affect this TV and with a wide operating temperature range (minus 31 to plus 50 degrees Celsius) you can find a place for it outdoors all year round! Now you can have your own personal drive-in movie at home!

A TV designed for people who like action!

Whether it's any form of sport, including motorsport, you need a screen that reacts fast! The MR240's speed of execution allows you to follow fast movements without any residual image trails. The ultra-black screen, on the other hand, gives you rich, high-contrast images.

On the terrace it is sunny, no problem!

Having a nice QLED picture is good, however it's useless if you can't see it...

That's why Samsung has incorporated a highly effective anti-reflective coating on THE TERRACE as well as a 2000 NITS brightness. The ultra-black screen with anti-reflection and screen brightness allows you to watch your TV in daylight, and that's not all! An intelligent sensor analyses the ambient light and reduces the brightness to automatically adjust. Celebrate at dinner and continue your evening by watching the fireworks broadcast after dark! Terrifically loud!!!

In addition, the matrix is of the "direct lighting" type, i.e. the pixels are illuminated directly behind as opposed to from the side. The more direct, the better the performance. 

The key word, versatility

OK, the TV is weatherproof and performs well, what more could you want?

To get the most out of your new purchase, Samsung has pulled out all the stops in terms of connectivity. Never before have we seen so many possibilities, and what about HDBASE-T (point No. 7)

1 - Classic aerialsocket and the possibility of connecting a cable set-top box. Nothing revolutionary except that the connection compartment is closed, sealed and can only be opened with a screwdriver.

2 - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection allowing you to connect to the network to watch YouTube, Netflix and a multitude of other web applications.

3 - Samsung TV More is a free television service available to everyone. You can watch a huge amount of channels usually available on cable without paying a cent. YES! even CBC English and French is included!

4 - Airplay2 for Apple fans. You can easily connect to stream content from your iPhone or a visitor's iPhone 

5 - Split screen Multiview allowing two sources to be viewed simultaneously on the screen. No quibbling, a show on one side, and Gaming on the other!

6 - Tap View or the ability to mirror your mobile device by simply touching the top of your Terrace to make the connection.

7 - HDBASE-T Receiver it will be possible to link all your devices, be it a set-top box, Blu-ray player, computer, game console and so on through ONE WIRE! This feature is unique, because through an Ethernet wire, you can link an HDBASE-T transmitter to which your devices are connected in one simple and unique connection. When it comes to the quality of the transfer, there are no limitations as 4K resolution is ensured with its premium audio frame.

55" solution in CONDO!

Technologies adapted to modern needs 

THE TERRACE TV offers the full range of integration with connected objects.

1 - Full control via voice command Bixby. Use your included stainless steel remote control, and give your commands. The execution will be perfect and without delay.

2 — Alexa and google assistant integrated. Search the web, request information, control your devices remotely, your imagination will be the only limit to the possible applications of these assistants. As the remote control is your point of entry, there is no privacy problem, as it is not active when at rest. All SAMSUNG TVs are voice-activated.

3 - Smarththings from Samsung, turns your mobile device into a Wi-Fi remote control. If you are within range of your Wi-Fi network, you can control your TV from anywhere! It is also possible to watch your TV show on your smartphone screen! No interruption if you have to leave the front of the TV, your guests will continue to follow the show and so will you... remotely!

4 — SmartHub All your connected devices such as thermostats, garage door dimmers and others, will be displayed on a control screen integrated in the Terrace. You're in the yard, unlock the door for your kids as they arrive without taking your eyes off the screen! The applications are once again limitless... Menu listing of your connected devices

5 — One Remote. The stainless steel remote control, sealed (IP56) against water and dust damage, integrates the operation of your TV-related devices. For example, if you connect a Bell decoder, the menu will automatically be downloaded from Samsung's servers and your remote control will operate it seamlessly.    No more multiple remote control puzzles.

6 - DLNA. DLNA integration allows you to install many applications, including those of major video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Rakuten TV, Twitch and many others. DLNA technology is also standard on connected outdoor TVs so that you can enjoy the multimedia content on your computer directly on your THE TERRACE screen. And as the world of computing continues to evolve, you'll always be ready to enjoy the latest findings or service offerings connected via your laptop or conventional computer.

Optional sound bar for outdoor use

With its built-in 20 watt audio system, you'll hear everything within a reasonable distance of the TV. The frequency response is full and the sound is fair with crystal clear highs and fairly well reproduced bass. However the 20 watts will have its limits.

There was no way to give you a TV with enough sound for every occasion, so Samsung has introduced its outdoor sound bar, the Terrace HW-LST70T.

With 210 watts, a built-in subwoofer and a centre channel subwoofer, you get a great sound. It's IP55 weatherproof, the same rating as the TV. To achieve a pleasing and well-defined sound, harmonic distortion analysis circuitry 'listens' to the performance of the speakers and proactively and continuously corrects the sound output. Turn up the sound to the max without worrying, the artificial intelligence will take care of the rest!

But that's not all! When you're not using the HW-LS70T as a sound bar, it will serve as a continuous outdoor ambient speaker. You should have thought of that!

Of course, Alexa and Google Assistant services are included, just say: Alexa, play me Jazz, and off you go! Your smart Ambiance sound bar.

*** As a premium product, when it comes to wall installation, there will be no worries as the fixing kit is included in the box.

The final word

In short, with a waterproof design that is resistant to weather, dust, extreme temperatures and UV light, outdoor TV's are designed to be placed outdoors, by the pool or even in a wet room. With high brightness and an anti-glare screen, these TVs maintain excellent picture quality even in daylight.

For a better experience, I strongly suggest that you consider purchasing the recommended sound bar for this series. TERRACE TVs are available in three sizes 55-65-75 inches and a protective cover is available. Why a cover if the TV is weatherproof? Simple, it is not stain proof!!!

Consult our in-store teams via chat for information on available outdoor TV's. Get a head start on your projects!

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