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What's new in Samsung 2022

Last week, we were at the Toronto show to discover the latest Samsung products! A must-attend event for us curious amateurs in search of the most innovative products on the market.

The 2022 improvements

On the image side, the big news is the 14-bit processor that allows for greater gradation accuracy. This is particularly noticeable on snowy landscapes or ice rinks, where more detail and texture is now visible. The quality of the colour variants of the image is also enhanced. To illustrate the progress made, by switching from 12-bit to 14-bit contrast control, we have gone from 4096 shades to 16,300...

Samsung Neo QLED TV | Sonxplus Rockland

Physically speaking, the Neo-QLED 2022 will use the rimless chassis borrowed from the 8K 2021. This is very appealing, as in addition to being very thin, the rimless image seems to float in the air!

The number of active loudspeakers behind the screen has been further increased with the addition of elements directed towards the ceiling. The aim is to achieve a three-dimensional effect similar to Atmos cinema.

Also on the sound side, the OTS+ system is making progress with the interpretation of the positioning of voices and faces on the screen. Thanks to the OTS+ (Object Tracking System), people who speak from the right to the left of the screen will have sound coming from the left to the right behind your screen. So much for increased realism.

New for almost 3 years, the Q-Symphony system is getting even better with the WI-FI link. No more need for an HDMI cable to connect the sound bar to the TV. Remember that the Q-Symphony system allows you to use certain TV speakers in synergy with the Samsung sound bar to create a unique atmosphere. Unlike previous years, all of the TV's rear speakers will now be used, including the top speakers for even more detail and realism!

Space sound | BAX Audio Video

Gamers will not be left behind this year as the image will be processed at a speed of 144 kHz. Also, a new control bar will be available to make fine adjustments to performance on both latency and various aspects of image rendering. Although not official at the time of writing, there will now be 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs suitable for gaming as well as an E-Arc input.

Did you know Gamers that from now on the online gaming platforms: GFORCE NOW, GOOGLE STADIA and UTOMIK with 1300 new games every week worldwide, will be integrated into QLED TVs!

Samsung Smart TV | BAX Audio Video

Finally, the surround will be perforated metal and, DRUM ROLL: a motorised mount that allows the display to be oriented vertically will be available. As a reference, let's remember THE SERO TV which incorporates this feature suitable for viewing mobile device content.

It's getting breathless but it's not over yet!

THE FRAME, THE SERO, THE SERIF all with the new matte screen...The big news that surprised many was the new matte matrix with no, but really no reflection.

Whether you look at it from all angles or from the front two inches from your nose, there are no reflections, full stop!

The three Samsung lifestyle TVs are perfect for introducing this technology, as they not only allow for TV viewing, but also serve as a decorative feature in the home.

The Frame, The serif, The Sero Samsung | BAX Audio Video

The Frame

The Frame Samsung | BAX Audio Video

It was launched in 2017 and makes up a large proportion of Samsung's current TV sales. The 2022 'Frame' is slimmer and incorporates everything you need to mount it on the wall in the box. Depending on your décor, you can choose a frame with a variety of colours and/or wood finishes.

New for 2022 will be a decorative item called "MY SHELF".

My Shelf Samsung | BAX Audio Video
The My Shelf allows the TV to be fixed to a mobile on the wall on which decorative objects can be placed. Very chic!
This year, as with the majority of the brand's TVs, it incorporates a Non Fungible Token (NFT) digital object browser. This allows art images and other genres exclusive to the purchaser to be searched for and incorporated into each individual's 'Ambient' mode and the 'Frame' mode that is unique to The Frame. 

The glare-free matte screen is particularly striking on those models that project artwork. The absence of reflections gives a three-dimensional quality to the projected works. Have you ever seen a painting reflected in the room? Have you not? Well, you've got it, it's fabulous!

Finally, it can be attached to the optional rotating vertical frame mount.

The Serif 2022

The Sheriff Samsung | BAX Audio Video

Launched in 2020, the Serif had not seen any improvements last year. This year, a complete redesign was completed at the Korean manufacturer.

The Serif is the most decorative of them all, unlike The Frame which tries to get lost in the scenery camouflaged as a frame, the Serif has a solid white frame in Canada and is self-supporting thanks to a set of 4 legs included in the box. At first glance, one in laughter, four legslike in the old days???

The Serif Samsung | BAX Audio Video

I can assure you that the look is really chic!

The new matte screen is wonderful when the TV is idle and broadcasting in ambient mode.

As a reminder, Samsung's ambience mode is a mode of broadcasting fixed or repetitive motion content of varying geometric shapes in particular, to offer relaxation to the viewer at rest. Images of fireplaces, rainy or snowy days as well as the main news headlines on the screen are part of the catalogue offered by the device.

Very attractive product!

The Sero version 2.0

The Sero Samsung | BAX Audio Video

The SERO returns to us mostly unchanged except of course for the Samsung matte screen. Already, this TV is more than perfect for active people who embrace the latest technology.

It swivels on a freestanding base to view the contents of your mobile phone. If you have an Android device, it will automatically do this by simply rotating your cell phone in your hands! The sound system is 60 watts R.M.S. so it's got a great bass and the optional low-cost wheels allow you to move it around easily!

Of course, the gaming mode has also been improved, just like on the Neo-QLED...

For those looking for a medium format (43''), it does everything!

SAMSUNG TV + Always More!

Samsung TV | BAX Audio Video

Introduced 3 years ago and available free of charge on TVs 5 years old or younger, the Samsung TV Plus content service offers free streaming or subscription to users. Among the selections offered are CBC and French Radio-Canada. Great value!


Samsung has set out to become the world leader in soundbars and 2022 will be the culmination of this. The perfect sound bar now exists.

Firstly, with the various high-performance models, you get rid of the HDMI wire, regardless of the quality of the soundtrack. From stereo 2.0 to Atmos 11.1.4, everything is transferred via the Wi-Fi link. 100% of the encoding is transferred from your TV, from a Blu-ray player, or from broadcasters such as Netflix or even from an advanced gaming console.

Samsung Soundbars | BAX Audio Video

The new Q-Symphony bars use in-ceiling speakers as well as the new ones that are included with the Samsung 2022 QLED TV.

Some models even incorporate intelligent listening circuitry that corrects distortion for a clearer, more orchestral sound. The S800B is only 1.6 inches deep, but features full Atmos sound with ceiling-mounted speakers and a compact, colour-matched subwoofer that comes in white or black. 

Soundbar Samsung | BAX Audio Video

Interestingly, the visual of the subwoofer has been softened to allow for seamless integration with your décor.

The Terrace Samsung | BAX Audio Video


Samsung QD-OLED | BAX Audio Video

It's very early in its commercialisation but Samsung has presented us with a prototype pre-productionquality to demonstrate what is coming soon.

In simple terms, this new technology combines two operating principles and the result is breathtaking...

Two principles

OLED technology with active dots that allow the intensity of each dot to be modulated. The advantage of this principle offered by Sony and LG in particular is that contrast control is perfect with the possibility of completely switching off the image areas for absolute black.

QLED Technology derived from LED backlighting, but with blue LED as a background. In front of this blue LED are the quantum boxes that filter the light to obtain 100% of the colourimetry available in cinema. This results in a very natural image with a much higher intensity than OLEDs. In addition, QLED screens get a lifetime warranty against marking, which is a guarantee of durability. The downside of this technology is that it is impossible to completely turn off the dots, which makes it more difficult to achieve deep black.

Samsung TV | BAX Audio Video

Without giving all the technical information of the QD-OLED let's just say that the burning of matrix screen will be a thing of the past and that contrary to the OLED images which are certainly very rich, but darker, the QD-OLED image will be more intense, coming closer to the natural vision...

To be continued!


For 3 years now, Samsung has been accelerating rapidly in terms of design research and development. I can only applaud their foresight. Staying #1 is never easy and by developing at "Lucky Luke" speed (faster than the speed of light!), Samsung is ensuring that this leadership will continue.

Samsung Freestyle | Sonxplus Rockland
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