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Sony 2022 Television | Bax Audio Video

What's new in SONY 2022

The CES 2022 show in Las Vegas Sony presented a number of new products at CES 2022, including the Bravia Cam and the first QD-OLED TV. With its wide range of vivid colours and more realistic textures, no detail on screen will be missed.

We tell you more below. Let's get started!


After introducing the neural XR processor last year, Sony has taken the optimal use of the powerful AI machine that is the XR by storm. With smaller backlight LEDs, Sony will now be able to tackle details such as optimised contrast.

Mini-DEL television Sony | BAX Audio Video
Not unlike Samsung's mini QLED, this approach remains a guarantee of success in the quest for the most realistic images...

The XR cognitive processor seeks to adapt the image to the perception of the human eye. With more realistic colours, the better-defined contrast brings us to an immersive, almost cathartic experience in front of the work observed.

Sony XR cognitive processor | BAX Audio Video

To achieve this feat, a by-product of the BRAVIA XR called 'BMD' for XR Backlight Master Drive is used. This process continuously analyses the scenes produced to offer a backlight better adapted to the different areas of the screen. The presence of several LEDs in the mini version allows for an appreciable gain in this respect.


Sony adaptative calibrated Mode | BAC Audio Video

The suite of features offered to achieve enveloping sound is not revolutionary but it does the job so well. The sound powered by speakers placed behind the screen allows you to become one with the action.

The Acoustic Multi-Audio Experience gives you crisp sound with accurate character dialogue propelled from the screen. The realism of the voices will always make the difference between an unconvincing experience or a cinema-like feeling of presence. Sony gets an excellent score here.

Another approach from Sony (the champion of acronyms) is 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, a process that uses artificial intelligence to give you the right sound regardless of where you are in the room or what furniture you have, in exchange for the purchase of a sound bar or compact cinema set.

Acoustic Multi-Audio Experience Sony | BAx Audio Video

Finally, the Acoustic Center Sync will use the TV's speakers as a hub for the brand's soundbar sets.

360 Spatial Sound Maping Sony | BAX Audio Video

*For some models, consult a qualified advisor.

Bravia Cam Sony | BAX Audio Video
2022 sees the return of built-in camera and microphone sensors* to the TV set

The cognitive XR processor, together with the Google TV platform (Android TV) and the new Bravia Cam with its built-in microphone, monitors your environment to constantly adjust the TV's performance. Whether you're sitting in the middle, on the left or on the floor, the Bravia XR TV detects this and adjusts the sound and screen performance accordingly. Thanks to motion detection technology, you don't even need a remote control, you just raise your hand and a virtual control will act according to the movement of your hand!

Bravia Cam Sony | BAX Audio Video
Of course, the more traditional among us will state their commands verbally in the form of "OK Google turn it up" but where will progress end?

Another benefit of the automated monitoring is the Netflix fine calibration function via a built-in sensor that will adjust the brightness according to the ambient lighting and the clarity of the projected scene.

Sony adaptative calibrated Mode | BAX Audio Video

For gaming enthusiasts, the XR AI will detect what you are doing with your TV and adjust the response time according to the game you are playing.

Game IA XR Sony | BAX Audio Video
With 4K resolution and 120Hz cycling, fast motion blur is a thing of the past. In addition, using the mini-del on the best models will give you better defined game images.

SONY TAKES THE ENVIRONMENT TO HEARTSORPLAS environmental recycling Sony | BAX Audio Video

For 2022 and beyond, Sony will use the BRAVIA CAM camera to adjust screen brightness according to ambient lighting to save wasted energy. Among the initiatives that could make a difference, a new material called "SORPLAS" made from recycled plastic will be used to build the chassis of its TVs. The use of SORPLAS alone will reduce the footprint of plastic on our environment by 60%...


Sony Bravia TVs | BAX Audio Video

Z9K Series

The Z9K series is the pinnacle of technology available in 2022. It combines 8K reproduction with the use of the XR cognitive processor mini LED and the BRAVIA CAM with artificial intelligence. 8K will definitely be the future. Its rollout has been delayed by the pandemic but expect to see more and more video equipment on the market. At the moment, you can watch 8K on YouTube. In Japan, 8K has been commonplace for almost 4 years!

Z9K series Sony | BAX Audio Video

X95K Series

Here we get the same technologies as on the award-winning Z9K but in 4K. Like many of the Japanese brand's other high-end models and series, the synergistic use of Sony soundbars is built into the XR cognitive processor. The mini LED ensures near perfect contrast.

X95K series Sony | BAX Audio Video

X90K Series

The entry-level XR designation preserves the main quality with the cognitive processor and live panel backlighting. The popular formats will be represented in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. Excellent price-performance ratio. 

X90K Series Sony | BAX Audio Video

A95K Series

First use of the new principle QD-OLED. QD-OLED is the technology that stole the show at 2022. The image is almost 3D-realistic with a brilliance never achieved by regular OLED... QD-OLED is the marriage of Quantum Dot technology and OLED organic diode display. A marriage made in heaven!

A95K Series Sony | BAX Audio Video

A90K Series

Available in small 48" and 42" sizes, the 90K is part of Sony's Master Series. For the ultimate gaming monitor or to treat yourself to the best of the best in a space-saving format, this TV is for the purist in you!

A90K Series Sony | BAX Audio Video

80K Series

The 80 series is back. It remains by far the most sought after by OLED enthusiasts.

This year, it will be possible to enhance its performance by adding (like all the above models) the BRAVIA CAM*.

Definitely one of the most impressive images for the price.

80K Series Sony | BAX Audio Video

*BRAVIA CAM: included with Z9K and A95K series, optional accessory available on all other series.


Sony remains a leader in an ever-changing world. This year, it is notable that only the best of Sony's expertise is being marketed. There are no cheap and outdated products here and I think it's a great idea! When you are called Sony, there will be no worse decision than to try and compete with the many low-end players on the market. The name Sony is synonymous with excellence, the decision to preserve its value is well informed. 2021 and now 2022 will go down in history as having been great years for the brand.

Enjoy the 2022 TV season.

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