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The Frame 2024 | BAX Audio Video

Samsung The Frame 2024

Samsung The Frame, a success since 2017.

These televisions have revolutionized the market since their debut 7 years ago.

The Frame television | BAX Audio Video

Knowing that many consumers have always found the presence of a large, deep device cumbersome and undecorative, Samsung set itself the task of reducing each of the TV's disadvantages to form a whole that would blend in with the decor. The features listed below demonstrate this.

The frame TV includes a new kind of mounting system that literally "glues" the device to the wall. It's called "No Gap". Seen from the side, there are no wires, electrical outlets or fixtures to collect dust.

Close-up of The Frame TV set | BAX Audio Video

The screen offers a new kind of matte finish that reflects absolutely no light. has to be seen to be believed... Bravo Samsung!

The Frame matte finish | BAX Audio Video

Other unique features include the option of purchasing a wood or other finished surround, as well as a screen saver showing a painting or your personal photos as soon as someone enters the room, whereas it shuts down again as soon as you leave.

The Frame | BAX Audio Video

If you don't have any connectors or even an electrical socket on the back of your TV, you'll need to stick it to the wall. So here's another innovation: the "one Connect" box. This box lets you connect all your peripherals, such as a cable or fiber TV set-top box, Blu-ray player, game console and more. A thin wire connects the box, which can be up to 15 feet from the wall, making it easy to plug in all your wired connections, including the power supply! And that's not all! As the solar-powered remote control works with a radio signal, the box can be hidden in a cabinet with no problem at all!

One Connect | BAX Audio Video

Finally, the audio system disperses the sound across the screen, and to complete the camouflage of the TV, an optional finished deferential framing will make the device look like a real picture frame!

With so many innovative features, what's new for 2024?

Well, there's no stopping progress, and Samsung is going the extra mile to make its Frame THE must-have TV for 2024.

The Frame is now Pantone Colour-certified, for the truest image possible. The Pantone standard applies to printed media, making the reproduction of images offered in the art gallery 100% true to the original. Whether it's the flesh tones or the vivid colors of a great master's canvas, you'll always have a veracity beyond compare...

Pantone Colour Technology | BAX Audio Video

Until now, there were around twenty free representations to choose from for the frame mode, while you had to pay for the others. Starting in 2024, Samsung will offer paintings by great masters for free on a thirty-day rotation. If you want to keep it longer, you can still get it for a fee. The new free portfolio will feature no fewer than 2,500 works on rotation.

Lifestyle The Frame | BAX Audio Video

For technology enthusiasts, there will be the new "Samsung Daily Plus (+)". This Daily+ feature is a new Samsung TV user experience that brings entertainment, health and commerce together in one place. It's a unique open ecosystem for integrating non-multimedia third-party service providers, eliminating the need for several separate applications for telehealth, video calling, remote PC solutions or live shopping experiences.

Daily+ feature | BAX Audio Video

Finally, as The Frame TVs are expected to run longer in frame mode, Samsung has reduced the picture refresh rate from 120 to 60 cycles per second. The 120 Hz, so necessary for fast-motion viewing, is totally unnecessary for still images, saving energy without any loss of performance.

The final word

We hope you've enjoyed this short summary, and that it will help you to follow our field more closely.

Stay tuned.

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